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Yamaha PSR S670
Harga :
Rp. 8.000.000 / Buah

416 Voices ( including MegaVoices) , 34 Drum/ SFX kits and 480 XG Voices
Authentic sampled sounds including superb acoustic and electric pianos, and electronic sounds perfect for....

Roland RD 800
Harga :
Rp. 31.500.000 / Buah


Become king of the stage.

With each redesign and reissue, the new version of Roland’ s RD stage piano series is a widely anticipated release event. Professional....

Yamaha PSR S770
Harga :
Rp. 11.500.000 / Buah

Building on a legacy of live performance

The PSR-S770 is equipped with a host of powerful performance features, flexible audio playback functions and a Mic/ Guitar input, ....

Roland FA-06....
Harga :
Rp. 13.900.000 / Buah

FA-06: Synthesizer

Workstation Yang Memudahkan Pekerjaan Anda

Roland Seri FA baru memiliki kemampuan untuk mencapai real-time maksimal, memiliki etos kerja ultra-cepat, ....

Yamaha TF-5 Digital
Harga :
Rp. 43.000.000 / Buah


Massive input capacity and hands-on control in a compact console.

The Yamaha TF series Digital mixing consoles represent years of continuous development. Yamaha is....

Roland XPS-10
Harga :
Rp. 5.900.000 / Buah


XPS-10 merupakan sebuah synthesizer model terbaru namun mempunyai kualitas yang profesional. Dengan user interface yang intuitif memungkinkan pengoperasian yang cepat....

Casio Privia PX-860
Harga :
Rp. 10.600.000 / Buah

Sound Technology

Unprecedented Natural Reproduction of the Rich Expressive Power and Resonance of an Acoustic Piano
Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source


Casio CDP 230
Harga :
Rp. 5.500.000 / Buah

Enhanced high-quality basic functions!

Hall Button
Hall Button

These pianos are equipped with an effect function that recreates the warm, rich acoustics of a....

Casio Privia PX-150
Harga :
Rp. 6.800.000 / Buah

At A Glance

The PX-150WE represents a significant step in the continuing evolution of the Privia digital piano line. A combination of a new keyboard action and a powerful new....

Casio CDP 130
Harga :
Rp. 4.650.000 / Buah

Hall Button

Hall Button

These pianos are equipped with an effect function that recreates the warm, rich acoustics of a concert hall. Your playing will have the....

Russel RAP 26....
Harga :
Rp. 4.600.000 / Buah

Russel Speaker Management RAP 26 with specification as follows :

- 2x2 way, 2x3 way, 2 way+ sub, 4, 5, 6 way crossover

- 2 input 4 output, 4 crossover configuration

- 2....

Fender Stratocaster
Harga :
Rp. 6.250.000 / Buah

The Stratocaster

When many people think of an electric guitar, this is the one that leaps to mind. The Stratocaster is an archetypal instrument— among the world' s most popular....

Ashly GQX 3102
Harga :
Rp. 5.200.000 / Buah

Designed for extremely quiet operation in demanding applications.

The Ashly GQX-3102 is a graphic equalizer that features two channels of 31-band 1/ 3-octave EQ, a tunable high....

Yamaha DBR10 Active....
Harga :
Rp. 7.150.000 / Pasang

Light and powerful.
Yamaha' s powered speaker offerings now include the DBR Series, The most portable powered loudspeakers Yamaha has to offer, the versatile DBR Series harnesses....

Yamaha DBR15 Active....
Harga :
Rp. 10.500.000 / Pasang

Lightweight powered speakers.
Yamaha' s powered speaker offerings now include the DBR Series, The most portable powered loudspeakers Yamaha has to offer, the versatile DBR Series....

Yamaha DBR12 Active....
Harga :
Rp. 8.950.000 / Pasang

Lightweight and powerful.

Yamaha' s powered speaker offerings now include the DBR Series, The most portable powered loudspeakers Yamaha has to offer, the versatile DBR Series....

Huper QA15A Active....
Harga :
Rp. 7.400.000 / Pasang

Huper QA15A Active Loudspeaker

The Huper QA15A features a molded polypropylene enclosure that it inherently weather resistant. Amplification , mixing and monitoring for....

Russel BR15A Active....
Harga :
Rp. 6.500.000 / Pasang

Technical Specifications :

- Speaker 1x15 inch
- System Active 2 way full range, magnet 60oz
- Voice coil 3 " KSV, Driver 44mm
- RMS power 300 Watt
- Impedance 4 Ohm

Russel RS-115A....
Harga :
Rp. 5.950.000 / Pasang

Technical Specifications :

- 2 Way full range Woofer 15 inch
- magnet 60oz Voice Coil 3 " KSV Tweeter 44m
- Ti.Diap.Driver RMS power 250 Watt
- Impedance 8 Ohm, Voltage AC....

Harga :
Rp. 31.000.000 / Pasang

The SRX715 offers the highest level of performance available from a portable, pole or tripod mountable speaker. The 2265H Differential Drive woofer handles 800 watts ( continuous) ....

Powerart SP-15P....
Harga :
Rp. 4.350.000 / Pasang

PowerART speaker is the breakthrough in a music industry. With solid fiber casing, powerful sound and affordable price range, it drives this model to be the best-sellling passive....

Russel RSCP-112....
Harga :
Rp. 5.100.000 / Pasang

Russel has finally launched it' s loudspeaker series! Equipped with the latest technology and superior quality, this full range speaker offers everything that you need in a....

Russel RSCP-215 2x15....
Harga :
Rp. 11.000.000 / Pasang

Russel RSCP215 is a powerful front end speaker suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and it can be used in multiple occassions with long live durability!

The RSCP 215 Dual....

Powerart PA-15A....
Harga :
Rp. 5.800.000 / Pasang

The latest 2014 model of pro audio speakers from Powerart, the New PA-15A is a market leader for active speakers for either indoor or outdoor use and it comes with a very....

Beyer BPA-12A Active....
Harga :
Rp. 4.100.000 / Pasang

Specifications :

Active with 3 band channel EQ, two way full range
enclosure with a 12” LF driver and HF compression driver
Frequency Range -5 dB between 40 Hz and 20 kHz

Proel EX-12P Passive....
Harga :
Rp. 3.700.000 / Pasang

The EXTREME series has been designed to meet the requirements of musicians, satisfying a wide range of applications and is adaptable for every type of performance.


Electro Young EY....
Harga :
Rp. 4.900.000 / Pasang

Electro Young EY-155ZR Active Speaker is a powerful but yet affordable multi-functional active speaker with specification as follows :

USB/ SD Card/ MMC MP3 Player

300 watt....

Huper 15 HA400....
Harga :
Rp. 8.400.000 / Pasang


Technical Specifications :

Freq. Range ( -10dB) : 40Hz~ 20kHz
Freq. Response ( -3dB) : 45Hz~ 18kHz
Rec.Hipass Frequency: 25Hz
Max Calculated SPL: ....

Huper AK15A Active....
Harga :
Rp. 8.800.000 / Pasang


Technical data:

Frequency Range ( -10dB) : 40Hz - 18Hz
Frequency Response ( -3dB) : 45Hz - 17Hz
Maximum Spl: 128.5db
Horizontal sound coverage: 60....

Beta3 U15A Active 15....
Harga :
Rp. 9.200.000 / Pasang


Two-way active speaker with one 15 " woofer and one 2 " driver.
Cabinet is made from polypropylene and special high-tech material.
It' s durable, anti-shock and....

Soundclub 3M-1525S....
Harga :
Rp. 4.600.000 / Pasang

Sound Club 3M-1525S Active Speaker is a powerful but yet affordable multi-functional active speaker with specification as follows :

USB/ SD Card/ MMC MP3 Player


Powerart ART-30B
Harga :
Rp. 850.000

PowerART 30B is an 8 inch bass Amplifier with superb sound and clarity.

Power : 20 Watt Speaker : 1x 8 " 8 Ohm Iinput : 1 Chanel 1/ 4 Jack, Phone Equalization : Gain, High, Mid....

Powerart ART-112G
Harga :
Rp. 1.700.000

High Grade Guitar Amplifier
12 inch with distortion Channel. Its perfect for practice in your room, studio, or even as monitor in the stage.

Technical Spec :

150W, 1x12 " ....

Russel RG-15 X
Harga :
Rp. 1.250.000

Specifications :

- Combo Amplifier 15 Watt, 1x8 " 8 Ohm
- Control: CD volume, Clean volume, Drive volume, Drive switch
- Equalization ( Hig, Mid, Low) Reverb, Master
- Jack....

Russel ROKR-200
Harga :
Rp. 5.150.000

Amplifier Specifications :

- Power Output : 200 watt RMS
- Controls : Clean Volume, Gain, Switch Drive, Drive Volume, Reverb
- Jacks : Input, Speaker Out, Pre Out, Send....

Russel ROKR-80
Harga :
Rp. 3.150.000

pecifications :

- Power Output : 80 Watt RMS
- Controls : Clean Volume, Drive Channel ( Gain, Switch, Level)
- Equalization ( High, Mid, Low) , Reverb, Master
- Jacks : ....

Powerart ART-30K
Harga :
Rp. 950.000

HIGH QUALITY KEYBOARD AMPLIFIER W/ MIC INPUT & COVER! Powerart 30K is a simple, easy, but yet powerful amps for your daily needs.

1x8 " speaker
30 Watt
2 input channels ( 1....

Powerart ART-8G
Harga :
Rp. 850.000

The powerART 8G is a High Grade Guitar Amplifier with 8 inch speaker and distortion channel. A perfect soulmate for your electric guitar in a room or a studio.

Technical specs ....

Blackstar HT-5C
Harga :
Rp. 4.500.000

HT-5C Combo


Thanks to the unique 5W push-pull design, the HT-5C combo delivers huge tone at any volume.

This award winning guitar amp features enhanced tone....

Line 6 Spider IV 75
Harga :
Rp. 3.200.000


Experience exceptional depth and sophisticated touch response.

Line 6 Spider IV is one of America' s best-selling family of guitar amplifiers. Plug into a 75W....

Russel KB 200
Harga :
Rp. 3.550.000

Power Output : 200 Watt RMS
Controls : 2 Mic Channels ( 2 Volume, Echo & Delay) , 2 Keyboard Channels ( 2 Volume, 5 Band Equalization) , Master

Jacks : 4 Mic Inputs ( 2 XLR) , ....

Russel RM-70 Pro
Harga :
Rp. 2.950.000

Specifications :

- Multi Amplifier 70 Watt, 1x15 " 8 Ohm, 2x3 " Horn Tweeter
- Input : 2 Keyboard, 2 Mic, 1 Guitar, 1 Bass : 1/ 4” Jack, 1 CD: Stereo ( RCA)
- Equalization: ....

Russel RG-10X
Harga :
Rp. 1.000.000

Power Output : 10 Watt RMS
Controls : Clean Volume, Drive Volume, Drive Switch, Tone, Master
Jacks : Input, Phones
Indicator Input : VU Meter
Speaker : 2 x 5 " 8 Ohm
AC Input....

Russel Victory-50
Harga :
Rp. 1.900.000

Power Output : 50 Watt RMS Controls : Mic Channel ( Tone, Echo, Volume) , CD Volume, Equalization ( 5 Band) , Volume Jacks : Mic Input, CD Input ( RCA) , Input, Ext. Speaker, ....

Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12....
Harga :
Rp. 6.700.000

Xpanded Rhythm Inspiration

The DTX-MULTI 12 Electronic Percussion Pad features 12 trigger pads in a compact split-level configuration and includes 1, 277....

Yamaha DTX450K
Harga :
Rp. 5.400.000

This deluxe model includes the new TP70S snare pad that allows playing snare head, open rimshot, and closed rimshot voices in each of the three zones for more musical expression.....

Yamaha DTX 542K
Harga :
Rp. 9.600.000

Yamaha DTX542k
The DTX542K features all DTX-PADs for snare and toms plus our exclusive 3-zone hi-hat pad as well as 3-zone choke-able ride and crash cymbals. Because the DTX-PADs....

Yamaha DTX400K
Harga :
Rp. 4.100.000

Combining Yamaha’ s expertise in drums and technology, the DTX400 features dynamic acoustic drum and percussion sounds, plus modern rock drums and electronic tones. Drummers of....

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