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DBX Driverack 260....
Harga :
Rp. 7.000.000

There is a reason that Tour Sound Professionals and discriminating Audio Contractors choose dbx® DriveRack® products for their high-end tours and installs. The DriveRack products....

Harga :
Rp. 2.950.000

Bring a more professional sound to your mix

Adding a dbx® 166xs Compressor/ Limiter/ Gate to your live sound rig or studio gives you more dynamic control to help create a more....

Ashley 324 XL....
Harga :
Rp. 1.250.000

Ashley 324 XL crossover 3 way + subwoofer output

Ashly GQX 3102
Harga :
Rp. 4.200.000

Designed for extremely quiet operation in demanding applications.

The Ashly GQX-3102 is a graphic equalizer that features two channels of 31-band 1/ 3-octave EQ, a tunable high....

DBX 223 XL
Harga :
Rp. 1.150.000

Let’ s take a look at the construction features of the dbx® 223XL. As you turn the controls you will notice that these units are extremely well built. The controls exude great....

DBX 234 XL Crossover....
Harga :
Rp. 1.600.000

Let' s take a look at the construction features of the dbx® 234XL. At first glance you' ll notice the units are great looking, and as you turn the controls something else becomes....

Ashly XR 4001 EXP....
Harga :
Rp. 3.400.000

Ashly crossovers are the product of an intensive research effort which combined a reexamination of traditional crossover theory with practical field use. Over the years, a number....

DBX 234XS Crossover
Harga :
Rp. 1.700.000

More sound to your amps and speakers

The secret to making speakers sound great lies with the crossover you use. With the dbx® 234xs Crossover you' ll get great performance, ....

Powerart AF 203
Harga :
Rp. 1.600.000

2 channel Crossover with subwoofer Input

Powerart CE 234 XL
Harga :
Rp. 1.500.000

State of The Art Active Crossover from Powerart with specifications as follows :

BandW 20Hz-20Khz + 0/ -0.5dB, Freq PSU 100V 50-60Hz, 15 Watts

Powerart EQ 231
Harga :
Rp. 1.350.000

2 u31Band, 20Hz-20Khz = 0/ -0.5dB, 12dB Cut/ Boost, In/ Out and Filter Switches ( FET type)

Proel Dualcomp....
Harga :
Rp. 1.925.000


Fully Programmable Dual Band Dyinamic Processor + USB RCS - 1 rack U. DUALCOMP is a dynamic processor with two independent bands for each channel and one general....

DBX 160A Compressor
Harga :
Rp. 2.600.000

Since its introduction in the mid 1970' s, the dbx 160 series has been the world' s most popular line of audio compressors. After the classic 160 ( which is still used daily in....

DBX 166XL Compressor
Harga :
Rp. 2.200.000

Most compressor/ gates provide less than musical compression, coupled with gating that swallows transients— or closes early, cutting off decay and reverb tails. The superb....

Ashley GQX-1502
Harga :
Rp. 1.650.000

Ahsley GQX-1502 is 2x15 band high end equaliser with Subwoofer output and suitable for professional sound system.

Ashley GQX-210
Harga :
Rp. 1.100.000

2U 2x10-band Equalizer for home use or small venue, it comes with a reasonable price and solid material.

BSS FCS 966....
Harga :
Rp. 6.750.000

Graphic equalisers are found in just about every sound application, from room contouring to feedback control and general audio sweetening.

Traditionally, much general eq' ing....

Harga :
Rp. 1.700.000

The flagship equalizer from the name you trust.

The DOD SR231QXLR Graphic EQ is two constant Q, 31-band, 1/ 3-octave equalizers in a steel chassis that inhabits only two....

Peavey PV215
Harga :
Rp. 1.350.000

A simple, effective equalization solution in a single rackspace.

The rack mountable PV 215EQ is a dual 15-band 1/ 3-octave graphic equalizer incorporating Peavey' s legendary....

Peavey PV231
Harga :
Rp. 1.750.000

The PV® 231EQ dual 31-band 2/ 3 octave graphic EQ brings quality features and low pricing together. Select between 6 dB or 12 dB cut or boost over frequencies ranging from 20 Hz....

DBX 231S
Harga :
Rp. 1.800.000

Exceptional sound and rugged reliability.

When the pros need an EQ, they turn to dbx. With a proven track record that spans four decades, dbx EQs are the industry standard for....

DBX 215S
Harga :
Rp. 1.550.000

An Exceptional 15-band EQ!
There' s a reason many of today' s top live sound professionals turn to dbx for live sound EQs. With dbx' s impeccable history of making robust and....

DBX 215
Harga :
Rp. 1.500.000

The dbx® 2-Series Graphic Equalizers have been designed to meet the needs of the most demanding sound reinforcement environments, while offering the simplicity of straight forward....

Powerart CE 231 XL....
Harga :
Rp. 1.600.000

2 u 31 Band, 1/ 4 " TRS Female XLR ( Pin 2 Hot) 20Hz-20Khz, + 0, 5/ -1dB, 230V 50-60Hz, 15 Watt

DBX 2231 Equalizer
Harga :
Rp. 3.250.000

It' s amazing. One little button. It has so much effect. The Type III® Noise Reduction is an entirely new concept... virtually instantaneous encode/ decode within the circuitry of....

DBX 1231 Equalizer
Harga :
Rp. 2.500.000

The dbx® 12 Series were designed to meet the needs of the most demanding sound reinforcement environments, while offering the simplicity of straightforward controls. The 1231....

DBX 231 Equalizer
Harga :
Rp. 1.800.000

With a lineage extending back to the revered 12 and 20 Series graphic equalizers, the dbx® 231 easily lives up to the dbx reputation at a price point which can find a home in the....

Yamaha Tyros 4
Harga :
Rp. 33.750.000


Next Generation Content

Tyros is well known for industry leading content quality but now Tyros4 raises the bar even higher with its amazing array of sparkling new....

KORG Micro Arranger
Harga :
Rp. 6.600.000 - 6.400.000


Meet your new musical partner, the Korg microARRANGER.

This compact keyboard can quickly turn your ideas into songs, and also allows you to play your....

Harga :
Rp. 3.650.000

Specification :

USB player: MP3 MP4 WMA;
With external speaker output jack, two VHF or UHF wireless microphone and two wired microphone....

Recto PA-1502
Harga :
Rp. 4.750.000

A high grade portable wireless meeting, perfect for seminars, company gathering, lecture classes, advertising campaign, and other use. It' s a compact yet multi-purpose portable....

Harga :
Rp. 5.700.000

Specification :

Power Requirement : AC mains, 220V, 50/ 60Hz, Dry Cells ; 8 pcs ( R20P or " D " )
Rated Output : AC ; 15W ( Max 20W) , DC ; 6W

TOA ZW 3200
Harga :
Rp. 6.750.000

Tipe : ZW-3200

Features :

* Suara yang jernih dari VHF-TOA Wireless System dengan teknologi " TOA Space Diversity "
* 6 - Channel....

Harga :
Rp. 3.950.000

A high grade portable wireless meeting, perfect for seminars, company gathering, lecture classes, advertising campaign, and other use. It' s a compact yet multi-purpose portable....

Russel RG 10
Harga :
Rp. 750.000

Power Output : 10 Watt RMS
Controls : Clean Volume, Drive Volume, Drive Switch, Tone, Master
Jacks : Input, Phones
Indicator Input : VU Meter
Speaker : 2 x 5 " 8 Ohm
AC Input....

T-Sound TSM7AS Drum....
Harga :
Rp. 3.400.000

The 7-piece microphone set provides the ideal punch, detail, and clarity for stage performance or studio recording. The low-profile mics mean minimum visibility, while the....

Talkstar DMS7AS Drum....
Harga :
Rp. 2.550.000

About this Drum Mic Set

Designed for Recording or Amplifying a drum kit.

Large drum microphone - designed to capture kick drum or low frequency musical instruments


Shure PGDMK6 Drum....
Harga :
Rp. 6.200.000

The Performance Gear Series: for performers ready to plug in and play out

Ideal for day-in, day-out use, Shure' s Performance Gear Series microphones offer a complete vocal, ....

Russel RM 150 PRO
Harga :
Rp. 3.800.000 - 2.800.000

RM150 PRO is the most powerful Multi Amplifier from Russel. Check the image for more details!

Russel RM 70
Harga :
Rp. 3.800.000

Power Output : 2x700 Watt RMS ( Dual power system)

Input: 1 Keyboard, 2 Mic, 1 CD, 1 Gitar.

- Keyboard: 5 Band EQ, Volume, Reverb.
- Microphone: 3 Band EQ, High, Mid, Low, ....

Russel Victory 50 / ....
Harga :
Rp. 1.750.000

Power Output : 50 Watt RMS Controls : Mic Channel ( Tone, Echo, Volume) , CD Volume, Equalization ( 5 Band) , Volume Jacks : Mic Input, CD Input ( RCA) , Input, Ext. Speaker, ....

Russel KB 300 + ....
Harga :
Rp. 5.100.000

Power Output : 300 Watt RMS
Input: 2Keyboard, 2mic
Speaker : 2 x 15 " 8 Ohm, 2 x 3 " Horn Tweeter
AC Input : 220 - 240 V 50/ 60 Hz

Russel KB 200
Harga :
Rp. 3.250.000

Power Output : 200 Watt RMS
Controls : 2 Mic Channels ( 2 Volume, Echo & Delay) , 2 Keyboard Channels ( 2 Volume, 5 Band Equalization) , Master

Jacks : 4 Mic Inputs ( 2 XLR) , ....

Russel KB70
Harga :
Rp. 1.700.000

Power Output : 70 Watt RMS
Controls : Mic Channel ( Level 1 & 2, Tone, Reverb) , CD Channel ( Volume) , Keyboard Channel ( Level 1 & 2, 3 Band Equalization)
Jacks : 2 Mic Input....

Russel KB100
Harga :
Rp. 2.925.000

Power Output : 100 Watt RMS
Controls : 2 Mic Channels ( 2 Volume, Mic Effect Channel) , CD Channel ( Volume) , 2 Keyboard Channels ( 2 Volume, 3 Band Equalization)
Master Jacks....

Epiphone Les Paul....
Harga :
Rp. 7.400.000

Dating back to 1873 and once a major rival of Gibson, the Epiphone company and brand were purchased by Gibson' s parent company in 1957. Originally the Epiphone models were made....

Fender Stratocaster
Harga :
Rp. 5.600.000 - 6.250.000

The Stratocaster

When many people think of an electric guitar, this is the one that leaps to mind. The Stratocaster is an archetypal instrument— among the world' s most popular....

Fender Telecaster....
Harga :
Rp. 5.350.000

Vintage Modified Cabronita Telecaster with Bigsby® rocks a welcome shot of high-powered Cabronita attitude in an already-cool Vintage Modified Telecaster. A full-voiced Fideli' ....

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